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Claims Advocacy

The team at New World Construction Solutions understands that every clients risk profile is unique and that every service package should be tailored to address those specific needs.

Our service teams are handpicked and approved by our clients prior to the inception of any program. This, combined with our corporate light business platform, provides us with the flexibility necessary to accommodate most any servicing need. Whether it is our innovative approach to wrap-up administration or our ability to implement customized insurance and risk management programs, New World is prepared to provide you with adaptive and comprehensive solutions for every phase of construction.

No risk is too complicated and no problem is without a solution.

Our core solutions and services include:
  • Claims Advocacy & Litigation Management ››
  • Risk Management Consulting ››
  • Certificate Tracking & Insurance Qualification ››
  • Wrap-Up Insurance (OCIP & CCIP) ››

Risk Management Consulting