Our Leadership Team Carries More Than 20 Years of Expertise.

Wrap-Up Insurance (OCIP & CCIP)

A wrap-up is an insurance program that is sponsored by either the owner of the project or the controlling contractor. These programs are known as Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) or Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP) respectively.

Both have proven to be an efficient, cost effective way for Owners, General Contractors, and Construction Managers the insure their interests and the interests of their clients on large construction projects.
With that said, the success of a wrap-up program is heavily dependent on the capabilities of your broker / administrator. Our leadership team carries more than 20 years of expertise in executing the design, marketing, implementation, and administration of wrap-up programs. New World has the influence and the experience necessary to optimize the performance of your program to its highest potential.
The life of a wrap-up program begins during pre-construction where we help you determine whether or not it makes sense financially to proceed, then continues throughout construction, all the way out to substantial completion of the project.

Our team of hands on professionals will take care of everything, from feasibility study to program binding and from administration to program close out.

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