Insurance Solutions That Turn Risk Into Reward.

Risk Management Consulting

As your outsourced risk management advisors, New World Construction Solutions will help you to identify and assess potential threats, determine the risk these threats pose on your company’s assets, and coordinate resources to minimize the impact.

By using proven strategies to determine the probable frequency and severity of your potential risk, we are able to prioritize our efforts and attack the most eminent threats first.
Balancing the resources necessary to mitigate these risks can be as daunting as managing the risk itself. New World can provide you with a cost effective option.

Some of the services associated with our Risk Management Consulting solution include:

• Provide a professional review of your current insurance program including a written analysis of our conclusions

• Develop comprehensive insurance submission criteria and manage the insurance marketing process either as your broker or by working with your broker

• Analyze insurance quotations and provide a side by side comparison to determine which is most beneficial to your organization

• Provide strategies for alternative approaches to risk financing – (Risk transfer opportunities, Self Insured Retention, Captive Strategies)

• Establish contractual insurance requirements and develop favorable indemnification language

• Review and opine on current loss control procedures

For more information contact:
Derek Natalie – 203-967-4448 ext. 214