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Certificate Tracking & Insurance Qualification

One of the business challenges facing the construction industry at large is subcontractor insurance compliance.

In many cases, certificates of insurance are being collected and perhaps even reviewed for compliance. That said, certificate tracking is only a small component of ensuring proper protection of your assets and without a uniform process in place, the exercise often proves to be ineffective.
Outsourcing your insurance tracking takes away the burden involved in managing the process internally and will yield a significant increase in documented insurance compliance. New World has cultivated a team of insurance compliance experts who will facilitate the entire process on your behalf. By combining technology with a professional oversight, you get a solution that not only monitors activity but also provides meaningful feedback.
The combination of our expertise, automation, and efficiency allows you to be more effective while reducing your expenses.

Our program includes the following steps, all of which are performed by the New World team:

• Solicitation of certificates of insurance and policy documentation from subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, etc.
• Detailed review of documentation received for compliance with your contractual requirements
• Follow up for corrected, incomplete, or missing information
• Document storage on a secure server location
• Custom reports including details on compliance status of all subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, etc.
• Automated follow up for renewal certificates of insurance and policy documentation

For more information contact:
Derek Natalie – 203-967-4448 ext. 214